Our Privacy Policy

But seriously, protecting the privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance to The Pipefitter. We will never willingly disclose, distribute or sell any of your information to any third party. This includes both information provided voluntarily for the website registry or mailing lists as well as shipping and billing information provided for the purchase of merchandise.

How we use your voluntarily-provided information

Voluntarily-provided information is that which you enter in order to register with this website or that which you write on the sign up sheet at the registers in the store. It is basic information including things like your name, birthday, email address, etc. that we use to better understand our customers and in turn, to better serve our customers. We may also use this information to contact you for special promotions or with our newsletter. By registering with our website or signing up for our mailing list at the register, you are permitting The Pipefitter to contact you with these promotions and newsletters designed to inform and benefit our customers. If you would like to discontinue receiving mail from The Pipefitter, simply contact us through this website, by phone or even by snail mail and we will simply cross your name off our list.


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