The Onion Magazine Iconic Covers

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Perhaps even more notable than The Onion newspaper is its Sunday magazine supplement, The Onion Magazine. First published in 1808 as a mouthpiece to relentlessly discredit Enlightenment ideals and as a vehicle for lucrative casket advertisements, The Onion Magazine quickly secured its place as the most popular reading material among the world’s literate and semi-literate. The Onion Magazine has since grown into the largest magazine publisher on earth, expanding to include the famed Weekender magazine in 1837, the first ever hourly magazine in 1891, and the world’s first glossy Braille magazine in 1920.

Now, from America’s Finest News Source, comes a compilation of the most important, most influential, and glossiest magazine covers ever produced by the hand of humankind. Seen by over 11 billion subscribers worldwide, these are the unforgettable Onion Magazine covers that altered the course of human history and radically redefined your trivial life anew every weekend. Profound philosophical questions, the thoughts of leading cultural luminaries, harsh truths of existence, remorseless personal attacks–you will encounter full-color graphical representations of all of these within this handsome volume.

Whether you are a connoisseur of pretty pictures or are new to looking at images, The Onion Magazine: The Iconic Covers That Transformed An Undeserving World is sure to give you, the feeble-minded consumer, far more pleasure than you have any earthly right to experience.

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